Organising A Performance

The concept and script for The Revolution's Promise is designed to be flexible and  adaptable to suit your needs. It could be performed by experienced actors or read by first time performers (or a mixture of both!). Below is further information andsome next steps to think about especially if you are new to planning events:



The script for The Revolution's Promise will be roughly one hour in length. The 1st draft will be ready to read January 2021 and the final draft will be complete by the beginning of March. We are preparing a version in English and Arabic.


Do get in contact for a list of costs to consider when planning your event. We  hope they will be minimal and can be covered by ticket sales.


Theatres are obviously a great space to hold your event but it could also be a lecture room, school, community space or church hal


We hope that The Revolution's Promise will be read and performed in communities world-wide. When casting the piece we appreciate that it  might not be possible to cast readers or performers who are Palestinian or have Palestinian heritage so we instead ask that the casting is inclusive and represents the diversity of your community. Casting does not need to be gender specific. and we estimate you will need a minimum of 6 performers.


The script is designed to be a sit down reading or performance of a larger scale. We estimate that the minimum preparation time  with your performers would be a couple of hours reading it together prior to the performance


Once you have confirmed your date and space let us know how people can book tickets so we can help spread the word on our social media. If we have  connections with local groups who have shared values for example human rights organisations, activists or artists we will put you in touch.

We will create a template press release which you are welcome to adapt.


Let us know how we can we support you in making your event into a conversation. Maybe it would be interesting to have a Palestinian artist speak afterwards and answer questions from the audience or a local activist. We are happy to make suggestions and put you in contact.


Let us know how we can assist and what further information is useful.

Please use the email . All questions and infromation will be circulated with The Freedom Theatre. This is an evolving process and feedback is always useful.