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Fighting for Palestinian 

justice through culture

'The 3rd Intifada will be a cultural one'




The Revolution's Promise

'As our borders become harder to cross, our funding removed, and censorship of our voices continues, it is crucial that we find new ways to mobilise as Palestinian artists. The Revolution's Promise makes sure our voice is still heard internationally, whilst putting pressure on Isreal to stop the attacks on artists.'

- Ahmed Tobasi, The Freedom Theatre

We invite friends, activists, and artists worldwide to creatively collaborate and join in solidarity by organising an event, staging a performance, or reading a monologue in your local community.

The Revolution's Promise is a testimonial script, created from interviews with artists across Palestine.

It celebrates cultural resistance and highlights the brutal attacks artists face for speaking out about Palestinian rights, including arrest, imprisonment, torture and murder.

Get involved and participate in a creative mass-mobilisation project that aims to build a global conversation about censorship of Palestinian culture and the role arts play in fighting for justice, equality and self-determination.

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