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Script & Monologues For Download

The script and individual testimonies below are in English.


Musician and composer Suhail Khoury tells the story of being arrested, imprisoned and tortured by Isreal in 1988 during the 1st Intifada for creating music tapes. For more on the biography of Suhail Khoury >> 


Rania Elias tells the story of why Yabous Cultural Centre was founded and the challenges for Palestinians working in Jerusalem. Israeli aggression towards Yabous and its staff, has intensified in the last few years, including Rania being arrested and interrogated, the centre raided and its documents & records confiscated. For more on the biography of Rania Elias >> 


The story of what drove Mohammed Bakri to film the award-winning documentary 'Jenin Jenin' days after the Israeli invasion of Jenin Refugee Camp in 2002 and the continuous harassment from the Israeli government ever since.

For more on the biography of Mohammed Bakri >> 


Dareen tells of her fascination with words that began as a child and how her writing and poetry became political as she learnt about the Nakba from her Grandma. She speaks of the occupation and its violence towards women and children that led her to write the poem 'Resist My People Resist Them' and her consequent arrest and imprisonment. For more on the biography of Dareen Tatour >> 


Ali Abu Yaseen an actor, writer, and director tells the story of the day Al-Mishal Cultural Centre was specifically targeted and bombed in 2018.

For more on the biography of Ali Abu Yaseen >> 


Mohammad Al Azza is a documentarian and photographer and directs the Arts & Media Unit of Lajee Center in Aida Refugee Camp. In 2013 he was targeted and shot in the head by Israeli soldiers, an attack he survived >> 

COPYRIGHT: The Freedom Theatre and Artists On The Frontline own the copyright to the script and monologues of The Revolution’s Promise. The texts are available for public readings and performances for all who abide by our values and have received written confirmation (please email We ask that tickets to any events and readings are free for audiences or, if chargeable, the money goes towards the Artist Resistance Programme. If this is not possible, please get in touch with us, and we are happy to talk through what might work.

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