In A Thousand Silences’ is a virtual reality film, celebrating Palestinian culture whilst highlighting the brutal censorship of artists.

Combining dance, music, poetry and storytelling with performances from some of Palestine's most renowned artists, including actor Mohammad Bakri, musician Suhail Khoury and poet Dareen Tatour.

Using the latest digital technology, audiences are taken across Palestine from the desert, to the mountains, to Jenin Refugee Camp and theatres, both ancient and new, to explore culture as a form of resistance and the violent repercussions Palestinian artists are facing.



Produced by The Freedom Theatre, Artists on The Frontline and Relative Motion


Funded by the British Council.


Directed by Ahmed Tobasi

Co-direction by Chris Lane & Zoe Lafferty


Written by Zoe Lafferty

From the words of Ahmed Tobasi, Ali Abu Yaseen, Arna Mer Khamis, 

Dareen Tatour, Juliano Mer Khamis, Mohammad Bakri, Suhail Khoury, 


Performances in order of appearance

Rula Nassar

Khawla Ibraheem

Suhail Khoury 

Dareen Tatour

Nabeel Al Raee performing the words of Ali Abu Yaseen

Mohammad Bakri

Ahmed Tobasi


Project Management by Mustafa Sheta

DOP by Amin Abdulhadi & Suzan Wasfi


Sound Operation by Amin Abdulhadi Suzan Wasfi


Poem 'Resist, My People, Resist Them' by Dareen Tatour


Dance performed by Naqsh Popular Art Troupe with music from Al Fonoon Dance Troupe


Music by Nabeel Al Raee, Suhail Khoury and Tom Adams


Associate Research by Alia Al Rosan


Film Footage of Juliano Mer Khamis by Ben Aylsworth 


Film Footage from the documentary 'Jenin Jenin' by Mohammed Bakri


Technical Direction by Andy Purves


Editing by Andy Purves


With Thanks to Faisal Saleh,