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Invite Us To Work With You

Invite us to do a workshop, talk or stage a reading with your actors, community, students, theatre or festival.  

We can tailor the experience to suit your group and needs. We do ask for a fee to cover our costs but are happy to work to your budget. Email us to talk further:

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Invite us to your theatre, university, festival or local community to stage a reading with you. We will rehearse with your readers/performers to put on a public performance whilst creating an in-depth learning environment for your team. We can tailor the process to incorporate professional actors or people newer to being on stage.

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We are available to do practical workshops or more formal talks with your community, students, theatre or festival. The workshop can be tailored to the age of your group, interest and size. The focus can include Cultural Resistance, political arts in Palestine, creating verbatim theatre, applied theatre, and practically exploring the text of The Revolution's Promise. It can take place in person or online and can last an hour or be across a few days. If you are staging a reading we can also do a workshop to accompany your process.

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